LENT across Swadlincote Minster

Lent begins with our annual Minster ASHING SERVICE on Ash Wednesday starting at 7pm on Wednesday the 14th February at St John’s Newhall. Please join us as we also launch the LICC Lent course ‘ON PURPOSE’… because there is purpose and intent in every part of God’s creation and calling.

We are encouraging everyone to follow the new LICC Lent course called ‘ON PURPOSE’. There are 2 parts to this course – daily readings to follow and weekly material which can be used in small groups and on Sundays.. that is entirely up to you.

To find out more follow this link: On Purpose – Lent Devotional Journey | LICC or go to www.licc.org.uk

SMALL GROUPS running this course across Lent are as follows – if you are planning to join then please contact them first:

Monday morning group
10am via zoom apart from the 1st Monday of month. Contact Rev Patrick on 07968503447

Tuesday evening group
7:30pm at 2 Hastings Road, Church Gresley. Contact Sue Stubbs on 07762188467

Tuesday evening group
For the Lent course, we will be moving to Bridget’s Room in our Church Centre in order to welcome and accommodate anyone who would like to attend.  Contact Caroline Carr on 07814 270347 if you are interested

Thursday evening group
7:30pm at 11 Reading Avenue, Church Gresley. Contact Pam Burgess on 07814186309

Friday afternoon group
2pm-3pm in Emmanuel Church Hall. Contact Rev Alison on 07986527293