Drop-in – Extra sessions from September?

Drop-in is a successful and long-standing ministry of this church for many many years. If not already, we must be very close to parents bringing their little ones along, having come themselves when they were tiny.

Due to an increased demand for this vital service, they are planning ahead for an additional Thursday afternoon Toddler Drop-in in September (probably 12:30-2:30pm) – Great news!!!

However, before going ahead, they need to make sure that there are enough volunteers who are willing to commit to helping on the team either for the current Friday morning or the proposed Thursday afternoon (or even both if you are really keen).

Please, if you can help in any way (or just learn more about what they do each term-time week) , do get in touch with Jane Clamp on 07552611345 or email Jane.clamp@hotmail.co.uk?

Thank you!