Thought for the Week

Some wisdom on being a Christian. Jesus wants to be in every aspect of our lives. It makes getting our values right so important. These wise words come from my friend john sparks..

When we become Christians, if we don’t let Jesus into every part of who we are we can end up with a distortion of our faith. Our new-found spirituality can be used to exacerbate our weaknesses instead of letting Jesus drill down into the root causes of our struggles. It is the difference between dealing with the root causes or the symptoms.

Paul prayed that the early Christians would have Christ dwelling in their hearts. We can have Jesus in our spirit, even have him working in our mind – and that is important – but do we have him at the core of our being, the seat of our emotions, our heart? If we don’t then this is how we can get into difficulties with the great Christian truths. For example:

If I was unreal before becoming a Christian, I now have a spiritual world to escape into and the escape can be justified as ‘trusting Jesus.’

If I procrastinate – or use control – I can now say, ‘I will pray about it.’

If I was passive, I can now say, ‘I will leave it all to Jesus.’

If I was narrow-visioned I may well become even more legalistic, dogmatic and bigoted – all in God’s name.

If I am too lazy to think things through I will assemble a collection of proof texts to back up what I want to say and present them as proving my point.

If I am small-minded then my ‘them and us’ mentality can be presented as my faithfulness to the truth as opposed to those who are prepared to compromise.

In other words, the truth we live and share only expresses itself in wholesome ways if we are moving towards being whole people. Anything less than a whole-hearted approach to walking with God has the potential for producing a distortion of God’s truth for all truth has at its centre a whole-hearted love for God.

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