Thought for the Week

Dear all,

Next Sunday we will be looking closely at stewardship or giving; in short money and how much we should/could/might or will give to both the Church and to other organisations that would collapse without charitable giving. I will be preaching.

My take on giving or tithing is a Biblical one…but then many Christians say that don’t they? Unfortunately, many of us say this and mean quite different things by it; others say it and don’t practise it. My take on tithing may surprise you… so please reflect upon two aspects of Biblical teaching:
1. When God says we ought to be doing something He both means it and it’s for our own good.
2. When God speaks to His people He is speaking to all of them together; there is no ‘I’ or ‘me’, there is only ‘us’ or ‘we’. That, on its own, should tell us something quite radical about stewardship and tithing.