Tearfund: Catalyst

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Last night a number of us gathered, for a second time, to work with Audrey from the Tearfund Team on who we are and what it is to be Church at the heart of this community. Again the response was wonderful and the free flow of ideas and thoughts was impressive. Again I felt the Lord speaking to me about where this Church is in its journey and what my role might be here as its leader amongst it strong team of leaders.
There is much activity here and much outreach that is impressive; numerous connections already made in the community and many new faces coming into different initiatives to be served by us and to be part of we know as the ‘body of Christ.’ What we’ve yet to articulate clearly, distinctively and collectively are our values that sit as the foundation of all we are trying to be and achieve as Church. These values might only be a few key words that encapsulate what it is to be Gresley Church, what it is to be a part of Gresley Church and what it means to be at the heart of the community of Church Gresley. I don’t want to put any words in anyone’s mouth; these have to come from the Lord and through the body corporate here.
I’d like to challenge us all with this as I begin to understand my role here and our next step forward together. We need to work through and work out what our VALUES are, and then from that place assess whether we are working towards them in the activities that we part of. We need then to assess what needs to continue, what may need to stop or change, and what may need to begin from scratch.
In January I am inviting everyone from our Church family, friends and those on the fringe of Church to join me as we explore these values and then the outworking’s or consequences of them. We will meet to worship, prayer and talk (in groups) on our Parish Vision and Values day on Saturday 24th of January from 10am to 4pm. I hope that this will give everyone time to plan it into his or her diaries. We will put on a day that includes everyone from the youngest to the eldest and seek the Lord’s voice together.
Please invite those on the fringe of Church, friends and neighbours who would like to be part of this. Please invite those who would come along to groups and initiatives that we run. Please pray for God’s heart to be revealed to us and for those values, at the heart of who we are, to come rolling down like a river from the mountain top.

God bless