Monthly Timetable

Gresley Church takes discipleship very seriously and seeks to help people to grow and flourish as disciples who can then go on to help and support others in their discipleship. We know that people also have different needs. Therefore, we are a Church that respects both contemporary and tradition worship – sometimes called a ‘Mixed Economy.’

Our Morning Services are all contemporary, very informal, without liturgy and incorporate significant amounts of Worship. These allow people to participate more fully in worship and be involved in the service through a more active service.

Our Evening Service are more reflective and use Common Worship liturgy as we lead people in more traditional Anglican worship.

Week 10am (informal) – Pingle Academy 6pm (traditional) – Community Centre
1st Sunday Worship All Together Compline
2nd Sunday Worship All Together Bible Study
3rd Sunday Worship All Together Holy Communion
4th Sunday Worship All Together Holy Communion
5th Sunday Worship All Together