Samson, The Messy-Haired Hero

Messy Church LogoThis Saturday 25th January has Messy Church looking into the background of Samson, the longed-for baby boy born to parents who loved God.  As a sign of their obedience and thanks for his birth, his parents never cut his hair.  As Samson grew up he became renowned for his strength – however, as can be the case in our own lives, with a notable gift or talent can become an air of pride, arrogance and “showing-off”.  Such was the case for Samson; it so irked his enemies the Philistines that they sought to take advantage when he fell in love with Delilah, herself a Philistine beauty.

Delilah was paid a huge sum of money by the Philistine leaders to find out how this Samson who caused them so much trouble

Delilah was paid a huge sum of money by the Philistine leaders to find out how this Samson who caused them so much trouble, slaying their armies single-handedly, could be so incredibly strong.  After pecking away at Samson relentlessly for the answer to their question, in a moment of human weakness Samson gave in and told Delilah, “My hair has never been cut. This shows I belong to God.  It is God who makes me strong.  If you cut my hair off I’ll be just as weak as any other man.”

In an act of utter betrayal to Samson, as he slept that night Delilah cut off his long hair and when he awoke he was powerless to defend himself.  He was imprisoned, blinded and ridiculed, the strong become weak.     But our God is one who has always been faithful to his people, no matter what a mess we make.  As Samson was chained-up at the temple like a performing bear as the Philistines celebrated a feast-day, he called on God one last time to restore his strength.  His prayer was answered and as he pulled on his chains the whole temple crashed down, killing all of the Philistine leaders, along with Samson.

It’s an interesting story, the rise and fall of life not unlike our own messy lives in many cases;  but God is good, He hears our cry, he knows our weakness, and He restores us.    Remember, Jesus the Son of God was born into such a mess as this – He understands.

If you want to join us at this or any future Messy Church, you are welcome whether you have young family or not.  It’s about meeting as God’s family, not only as earthly family.  The craft can be done by children or adults alike, just at a different level – on Saturday we’ll be making headbands with long Samson hair, and jelly baby Samson figures;  however we’ll also be making prayer mirrors and fridge magnets.  Likewise the worship takes a form which is very easy to understand but if you want to go deeper it’s all there and scripturally based so you can look it up yourself in a Bible afterwards.  And even better, there’s time to chat with fellow Messy Churchers over a meal.  We’re all on a journey of discipleship, it’s just that some of us set off a little bit sooner.

Come and see for yourself, the last Saturday of each month 3.45 – 6pm in the Community Hall at Gresley Church.

If you want to register, or chat about Messy Church at Gresley, call Wendy on 07738 428634.

Christmas time!

What a busy Christmas here at Gresley Church!

There’s been so much going on, like Carols By Candlelight:
Carols By CandlelightAnd of course, the annual Christmas play. This year it was called ‘The Red Parcel’, and there are lots of photos on our Facebook page.

From carols to parties, food to panto, what’s your favourite thing about Christmastime?

David and Dorothy’s Last Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating David’s retirement, with  a social evening and a beautiful Family Holy Communion service on Sunday morning. We wish them both the very best in the next chapter of their lives together!

Messy Church Update

We had a wonderful time at Messy Church yesterday, learning all about Jesus’ Parable of the Sower. We made coasters with seeds in them, made bird beaks, looked at lots of different kinds of leaves and seeds, and made a beautiful harvest banner (look out for it in the Community Hall!).

Click here for a song we sang in Church during our worship time.

Unfortunately, that was our last Messy Church for a while, as Sarah has had to step down from leading due to personal reasons. So make sure you keep in touch on our Facebook page, and keep your eyes out for news about Messy Christingle in February.

Thank you for all of your continued support and prayers throughout our time at Messy Church, we’ve loved it!

-The Messy Church team

Messy Church

Messy Church is on tomorrow, 21st September at 4pm! We’re looking at the story of the sower, and as usual we’ll have some messy crafts, worship and a meal for us all. Bring your friends, family, neighbours, everyone! Make sure you book in at our Facebook page so we can organise numbers for food!
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-The Messy Church team

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