A Message from Mike

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

The Father’s heart is full of love for you and for me; a love that knows no boundaries. It’s a love that saw Him send His only Son to die for us. So why is it that so often we struggle to love ourselves or consider ourselves to be of much value? What is this barrier that prevents us from truly experiencing the Father’s heart? If God loves us this much why can’t we just believe it? Often because there are too many other voices, within and without, that remind us that we aren’t worth loving or that if others knew what we’d done (what we were really like) then they’d agree that we weren’t worth loving either!

The only voice that is truth is God’s; His is the one worth listening to. If you, like me, struggle to love yourself then begin listening to the Father’s voice and trust Him. He loves us just the way we are, and too much to leave us this way.

God bless