Welcome to the website of St George and St Mary’s in Church Gresley, Swadlincote!

Sunday 10am Morning Worship will NOW be at The Pingle Academy as th Lord 'Sends us Out' Address: Pingle Academy, Coronation St, Swadlincote, DE11 0QA. Please drive into the main car park and park. Walk to the far end of the car park and through the large green gates into the school proper. Parking stewards will welcome you and direct you to the hall. Evening Worship at 6pm will continue to take place in our Church Community Centre here.

 A people sent out by the Lord

In December 2017 Gresley Church was forced to close St George’s and St Mary’s building due to falling masonry. This came as a great shock to many and we spent sometime working through this painful event. However, through prayer and prophecy it became clear to us that the Lord was sending us out in order to be different and serve Him differently. The Lord went before us and prepared the way for us at Pingle Academy where we now worship each Sunday morning. As we learn to lean more upon the Lord we have looked to the future and how we will spend the next few years as a people who have been ‘sent out’.

We have prayed and waited for the Lord to speak to us about our future. We are now moving forward in two new and significant ways. The vision that we have has two parts:

  • First we will reach out across the greater Swadlincote area to transform social issues (social mobility). Our Heritage Lottery Grant will act as the vehicle that drives this.
  • Second we will create opportunities for our people to grow and flourish in lay leadership and ministry as we share the Gospel with any who have not yet received it. Through the Minster Model we are becoming part of we will, as a catalyst for this, set up Missional Communities to develop disciples – old and new.

Heritage Lottery Grant

First we are applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), in stages,  for an overall grant of £2m for a large scale plan which you can read about in Future Plans. This extraordinary vision looks to restore St George’s and St Mary’s and transform social mobility through a project that would engage all our local schools in an archaeological dig, rebuild parts of the mediaeval priory (buried behind the church), celebrate local heritage with pride, and repair St George’s and St Mary’s building. See more in ‘Future Plans.’

Minster Model & Missional Communities

Second the Lord has ‘sent us out’ for a purpose and we, as His people, are called to follow where He leads and go where He sends us. We have been given an opportunity to learn how to be different as we reach out to the wider community  Therefore, we are joining together with others and developing new models of being church. We are now working towards developing a joint Minster Model with other Anglican Churches in order to send out resources (people, money, support) into the wider area, to help people worship God and become disciples. As part of this Minster Model Gresley Church will be developing what is called Missional Communities in 2019 that will operate in different locations across the greater Swadlincote area. See more in ‘Future Plans’

Gresley Church – A Church at the heart of the Community seeking to be:

Rooted in Scripture, Relational, & Abundantly Generous.